Matthew Birdsall

July 2020 – Supplier issues

Our third delivery arrived to the warehouse on Tuesday. Despite it being our largest yet, there were still a few things missing we would loved to see.


Despite the situation improving with our supplier in the United Kingdom, they are still struggling to get ahold of certain products. This was particularly pronounced when the full impact of the coronavirus hit back in March and panic buying in the British retail sector erupted. As shops started to stockpile to combat the panic buying, it had a dramatic knock-on for the availabilty of products and the rest of the supply chain. Despite panic buying having subsided since the easing of lockdown in the UK, these effects to the supply chain continue to ripple out.

Low stock

The products and ranges that have been affected by these low stock or unavailability issues have been varied. It has taken us far longer to get our tinned range up and running as a new business due to shortages in the UK. Certain products such as Marmite have made the news recently due to a slow down in production because of the effects of coronavirus. After three deliveries we have the bulk of our core range in stock now though. Some items are low stock and others missing, but hopefully our next delivery should rectify this.


As we continue to trade and turn profit, we will look to expand upon our core range. As a business we are going to put 100% of our focus into everyday products, and this means despite less focus on seasonal ranges in the future, we hope to get our stock levels high of the essentials and at a price that provides you great value for money. And as many of you have been doing, if you know of a product you'd love to see us include in our range, simply drop us an email and we'll see what we can do!