Matthew Birdsall

October 2021 – Collection Points

All DB Schenker collection points are automatically assigned to your webshop orders; so what to do if you have another location in mind?


All of our webshop parcels are delivered to local collection points throughout Sweden by DB Schenker. They cover pretty much the whole of the country and are definitely our logistics partner of choice. We attribute this faith in them to their unusually high standard of getting parcels to our customers in good condition and doing so rather promptly! Obviously the further from our Älvsjö warehouse you are, the more this speedy service may vary...


When your order is processed for despatch in Älvsjö, our systems synchronise with DB Schenker's and a local collection point is automatically picked out for your given address. More often than not, this is the only DB Schenker collection point for your area, and when it isn't, it is often the nearest. But this isn't always the case, and there are definitely outliers as DB Schenker attempts to divide up the country for their distribution network. What if you are one of these edge cases? What should you do if you know that your nearest DB Schenker collection point isn't going to be the right one for you?


Get in touch! The sooner the better ideally. Preferably straight after you've placed your order you should send us an email at We don't need to know the reasoning, that's your perogative. But if you know another DB Schenker collection point is a better fit for your collection needs, simply email us and let us know the locale's name and address. And if you need any help with picking, DB Schenker's website has a handy map to help you locate all of their collection points within Sweden.