Matthew Birdsall

September 2020 – Requests

Haven't seen a product stocked on our webshop for a little while? It may be an item designated for full case ordering upon request.


As a shop we have a core range of products that we always aim to keep in stock, no matter what. Some of your personal favourites are no doubt contained within our list. Things like Cadbury Flake, McVities Jaffa Cakes and Walkers Salt & Vinegar Crisps to name but a few; it's a long list! Due to our smaller size, it isn't always possible to keep an item regularly in stock at the moment. Deliveries are still reasonably spread apart and it is easy for unexpected demand from a few customers to quickly clear our shelves. But this is our goal heading into 2021.


We are constantly assessing this core list of products, monitoring sales, and flagging items that linger close to or past their best before dates all of the time. Some products that were originally added to the list based off of sales from our previous shops have proved to be poorer sellers now that we are online only. This has been especially problematic when it comes to crisps, which have noticeably shorter best before dates than many of our other products. These products are then often relegated from our core product list due to poor sales. They remain part of our extended range, but now can only be ordered in full pack sizes upon request.


So what do you do if you think your favourite item is one that's been added to our list for bulk purchasing? Perhaps ordering a whole case is something you'd consider doing? Then simply drop us an email at We can always let you know the current status of any item in our ranges, and let you know when we expect them back in stock. We can also arrange through email to have whole cases added to our next UK delivery and then organise payment through our webshop – hassle free.